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We believe that negativity is a form of addiction. We are surrounded by negative media and news to a point that it has affected people's minds and thought patterns. Most people find themselves unconsciously thinking negative thoughts about themselves or a situation in their lives. Our goal is to expand a network of Lightworkers around the world with a system to convert negative minds into positive ones.

We have created a network around the globe that promotes positive thinking with guidance. Our system works with a combination of Directors, Ambassadors, and Lightworkers.

Directors are a group of scientists, shamans, and holistic doctors that want to pass on their knowledge to Ambassadors to continue the work. Ambassadors are intuitive, positive, and skilled people. They train with our directors to gain the necessary knowledge in order to teach and share with groups of Lightworkers. Lightworkers are individuals that choose to be positive.

Ambassadors will go through a daily alignment practice to be centered throughout the day. This process is called the “Breath of Infinity” and involves an 8-step meditation that is practiced first thing in the morning before breakfast.

Steps are as follows:

1- Pranayama breathing
2- 5/5/5 breathing
3- Om meditation
4- Color therapy
5- The Third Eye decalcification
6- Positive affirmations
7- Gratitude Session
8- Drink Structured Water

They will also repeat the words: “I am aligned mentally, physically and emotionally” before they talk on the phone or eat a meal.

There will be training for ambassadors on how to meditate and receive answers from their higher selves.

We can discuss different issues in different countries by sharing a topic and meditating on it as a group. We will then share the solutions received in meditation. The solution that is repeated will be put into action to solve different issues.

Ambassadors will be representing Lightworkers’s Club in different countries. They will carry out projects such as sharing of talents, arts, and music to gather people and invite them to join the Lightworkers network.

Ambassadors will share a 12-step process with Lightworkers. Once a Lightworker graduates the 12-step initiation process then they will become ambassadors and can start their own sessions.

Ambassadors gain access to products our network offers at wholesale prices so they can generate income for their meetups and efforts. These products can be seen in the shop section of the community.

The 12-steps are as mentioned below:

Preparation Steps

Step-1: We understand that negativity is an addiction
Step-2: We believe in a power greater than ourselves
Step-3: We decide to turn our life over to that higher power

Action Steps

Step-4: We make an honest personal inventory and write down anything related to resentment, fear or harm
Step-5: We admit to ourselves, our ambassador and our higher power about our wrongdoings
Step-6: We are ready for our higher power to take away our impurities
Step-7: We humbly ask for our shortcomings to be removed
Step-8: We make a list of people we have harmed and are willing to make amends
Step-9: We make direct amends to these people

Maintenance Steps

Step-10: We continue soul searching and admit wrongdoings promptly
Step-11: We seek through prayer or meditation to improve our conscious mind
Step-12: We share the steps with others in need